2004 Mazdaspeed Miata

2004 Mazdaspeed Miata came in with the Flyin' Miata - Little Enchilada package on it (downpipe/exhaust, upgraded intercooler and piping, and intake). Well, we got our hands on it and decided to add a few things to help optimize it all. 

With help of some very nice Haltech goodies, we were able to achieve some very smooth power levels on the stock engine and turbo, as well as some added safety features for the customer. We utilized Haltech's Elite 1500 for engine management, added some Injector Dynamics 1050x injectors and built some custom fuel lines up to add in Flex Fuel capabilities. 

One of the cool new items we added in was Haltech's gaugeARTprogramable CAN gauge, which allows the customer to display and monitor numerous engine management items while also allowing custom warnings and display configurations: all adjusted from an app on their phone! So now the customer can easily see when the fuel is transitioning or which stations might have lower ethanol levels (common issue in our areas), while at the same time still utilize the gauge to monitor other important items for daily use (such as manifold pressure as pictured).

A few of the added tuning and safety features that the Elite allows us to utilize on this setup include:
-Knock control with learning
-Long term and short term fuel learning
-Flex fuel transitioning and safety defaults
-Overtemp, Overboost, and Lean-out protection settings
-Per-gear boost controls
-Launch control
-No-lift shifting

Overall we were very pleased in the end, and the car has plenty of room to grow still for future upgrades. Plans to add a returnable fuel system and upgrade the turbo are already in the works!

Tuned in house here at Quantum Performance, on both 93 octane and E70.

190ftlbs tq

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