2009 370Z

This very nice wide-bodied 2009 370Z came in for a ProTune via UpRe. Sporting a big single turbo kit, Injector Dynamic 1000cc injectors, CJ Motorsports fuel system and pump setup, Turbosmar waste gate, and a Precision Turbocharger.

Tuned in house utilizing UpRev’s ARC specialty features, this Z is putting it down! 

93 Octane

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2004 Mazdaspeed Miata

2004 Mazdaspeed Miata came in with the Flyin' Miata - Little Enchilada package on it (downpipe/exhaust, upgraded intercooler and piping, and intake). Well, we got our hands on it and decided to add a few things to help optimize it all. 

With help of some very nice Haltech goodies, we were able to achieve some very smooth power levels on the stock engine and turbo, as well as some added safety features for the customer. We utilized Haltech's Elite 1500 for engine management, added some Injector Dynamics 1050x injectors and built some custom fuel lines up to add in Flex Fuel capabilities. 

One of the cool new items we added in was Haltech's gaugeARTprogramable CAN gauge, which allows the customer to display and monitor numerous engine management items while also allowing custom warnings and display configurations: all adjusted from an app on their phone! So now the customer can easily see when the fuel is transitioning or which stations might have lower ethanol levels (common issue in our areas), while at the same time still utilize the gauge to monitor other important items for daily use (such as manifold pressure as pictured).

A few of the added tuning and safety features that the Elite allows us to utilize on this setup include:
-Knock control with learning
-Long term and short term fuel learning
-Flex fuel transitioning and safety defaults
-Overtemp, Overboost, and Lean-out protection settings
-Per-gear boost controls
-Launch control
-No-lift shifting

Overall we were very pleased in the end, and the car has plenty of room to grow still for future upgrades. Plans to add a returnable fuel system and upgrade the turbo are already in the works!

Tuned in house here at Quantum Performance, on both 93 octane and E70.

190ftlbs tq

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2003 350Z Tune

2003 350z came in for a Quantum Performance Pro Tune Via UpRev. Utilizing Vortech Supercharger Kit with upgraded Treadstone intercooler, CJ motorsports returnable fuel system with ID1000cc injector upgrade, and UPRev GT MAF. Also utilizing the UpRev ARC custom features including launch control, no lift shift and burnout mode. 

Tuned on 93 octane making over 400WHP

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2005 STI Engine Build


2005 STI came in for an engine build, with an IAG Stage 3 Closed deck Tuff Short block, IAG ARP 1/2" head stud kit, All upgraded head work done by Quantum Performance: GSC camshafts stage 2 with GSC Beehive spring and titanium retainer kit and GSC oversize valves. 

Customer went with additional modifications: Injector Dynamic 1300cc injectors and rails, Cobb SF intake, Cobb EBCS, QP Fuel Regulator Kit with pressure sensor, QP Speed Density Kit, IAG phenolic spacers, FP Green HTZ Turbo, Cobb FMIC, IAG AOS, and ACT Xtreme Duty Clutch. Quantum Performance Break in Tune on the Cobb V3 Accessport. 

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2013 WRX Quantum Performance Pro Tune


2013 WRX came in with a turbo back exhaust, KN short ram intake, GrimmSpeed EBCS, Perrin 4 Bar Map sensor, DW Fuel pump, COBB 1000cc injectors, TurboSmart recirculating BOV and CNT intercooler. Came in for our Quantum Performance Pro Tune. Tuned Via Cobb Accessport on 93 octane. 


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2008 STI Tune

2008 STI Tune

2008 Subaru Impreza STI with our stage 2 engine build came in for Flex Fuel Upgrade. Installed COBB Tuning 1300cc injectors, QP Fuel Syphon Setup, Cobb Flex Fuel Kit, Walbro 450LPH Fuel Pump with Plug and Play Hardwire kit from iWire Wiring Services . Was tuned via Cobb Accessport on 93 octane and E70.

Pump Gas
320 TQ
327 HP

355 TQ

Utilizing Cavalli Stage 2 stock location turbo, ETS Top Mount Intercooler.

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Dyno Day and Car Show

Don't miss out on our Dyno Day Car Show this Saturday, July 12, 2014 from 9am - 5pm. Quantum Performance is excited to be hosting our Dyno Day Car Show with Stance Wisconsin. Our event will begin at 9am, all cars registered to go on the dyno should arrive by 8am for their pre dyno inspection. All vehicles going on the dyno must pass inspection. Currently all spaces are filled, however if time permits additional cars may be able to go on. In addition to the 15 vehicles going on the dyno, a car show will be going on outside. All vehicles are welcome, cost is $5.00 to enter your vehicle in the show. Please join us for all of the fun. Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions. We look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday!