Company Policies

Quantum Performance services are intended for off road use in mind, subsequently any implied manufacturer’s warranties inherent to the vehicle or its systems may be voided/annulled. At anytime should misuse or improper operation of the customer vehicle be suspected, and/or any guidance/procedures/instructions given by Quantum Performance not be followed in full; any warranties or guarantees given by Quantum Performance, whether written or verbal, will hence be null and void.

Shipping & Freight

Quantum Performance cannot be held responsible for any damage done to parts during the shipping process. We take the best care in ensuring our products are packaged properly, however damage can sometimes happen. Quantum Performance will work directly with you and the shipping company to help resolve the issue should it occur. Should a product arrive damaged, the customer is responsible to notify both Quantum Performance and the shipping company within 10 business days of reciept. 

Basic Returns

Parts purchased through Quantum Performance, may be returned within 30 days of purchase. Parts must be un-opened and must not have been installed or used. All part returns will be inspected before a refund is issued and no refund will be given if it is determined the part was opened or installed. The customer is responsible for the return shipping costs and a restocking fee of 20% of sale price will be excluded from the refund.

Improper Part Received

Should a part purchased from Quantum Performance be other than what was ordered, our staff will work directly with you in refunding or exchanging the part directly. Any additional shipping costs related to an improper part being shipped by Quantum Performance will be provided by Quantum Performance.

Labor Warranty

Quantum Performance labor services relating to part installation, vehicle repair, and product or vehicle fabrication are warrantied for defect or negligence for 6 months, or 5,000 miles (whichever comes first). All labor warranty claims must be inspected by Quantum Performance and all labor in question must have been performed by Quantum Performance. Quantum Performance understands that many customers choose to modify or repair their own vehicles, however Quantum Performance can not guarantee the level of quality taken by customers or other facilities and therefore can not account for the affects outside modifications, tuning or repairs could have on the work Quantum Performance has performed. For this reason, Quantum Performance labor warranty(s) will be voided if additional modifications, tuning or repairs have been made to the vehicle outside of Quantum Performance. Customer is responsible for all shipping and transportation costs associated, along with any necessary removal / installation costs or consumables (i.e. gaskets, fluids, etc...) needed for inspection of warranty claim in question.

Tuning Warranty

Tuning labor charges do not have a warranty due to unique nature and risk involved in the tuning process. Due to the multiple variables involved in the tuning process (such as engine or vehicle age, quality of parts used, quality of installations, etc.). Quantum Performance, as most other performance shops, does not warranty tuning.  If Quantum Performance were to warranty every Tune, the cost of each tune would rise dramatically and the time involved could be endless. However, the highest level of safety is always the focus and Quantum Performance prides itself on making its tunes very conservative so that your vehicle will last. It has been our experience that many tuners may simply offer power gains without taking into account the long term affects the tune may have. Additionally, some software systems may be limited by versatility or may not have the functions needed to make a proper tune. Quantum Performance uses only quality tuning software systems on your vehicle and can advise you on the proper type for your application. Quantum Performance also takes pride in making sure your Tune is done right. From our continued specialty training across multiple software lines,to having our own in house chassis Dynamometer, Quantum Performance has can take the time to make sure your Tune is done right.