Quantum Performance strives to provide automotive performance enthusiasts in the Wisconsin area with the highest quality vehicle services available. Quantum Performance provides many unique services, ranging from advanced racing level services, to specialty sourced or built performance parts, to completely built project vehicles. At Quantum Performance, we use our advanced training, realtime experience, and passionate attention to detail to ensure our customers recieve a truly high quality product.


2017 -

As we start out 2017 and get ready for the race season and spring rush to begin, we would like to spend a little time catching up. Below, we've posted up some new photos and some info on what's changed here at QP. Thanks again to all our great customers, for helping make this a reality.

Expanding to meet your needs!

This year marks our first year in our new, much larger facility. Last summer brought wait times in the 2-3 month range, for just for regular scheduled appointments! We are looking to curb that time down a bit this year, and have expanded to meet demands. Our new facility has doubled our operational capacity alone, and has the added benefit of being expandable should we have the need further. If you didn't make our open house in the fall, stop by and check out the new spot! We are just one block off of highway 57 now, so no excuses for not stopping in on your way up to Road America.

New Equipment

With the expansion of our facility, we have also added two more over head lifts and a dedicated flat stall for vehicle delivery or interior projects. Additionally, we have moved our in-ground Mustang dyno to the new facility, and have given it it's own enclosed room for tuning and testing. Similar to manufacturer level dyno cells, this dedicated room allows for more precise air controls and ultimately better steady state load operations needed for high horsepower vehicles. We have also added some additional fabrication equipment and space, to further expand our in-house services and help keep grinding and welding away from customer vehicles.

Engine Clean Room

We are very excited to now have our own dedicated engine building and assembly room. Demand for our performance engine packages and custom built engines has gone through the roof, so we thought it fitting to build a dedicated clean room for the process. All our QP engines are now final cleaned, blueprinted and hand assembled here in house, with some light machining now performed here as well. Additionally, we have worked with our friends at IAG Performance to revise our higher power level Subaru engine packages, allowing us to offer more advanced machining services to our customers.

Thank You

Thank you to everyone for their continued support and help in making this a reality. Our goal is to provide our customers with a very high level of quality service typically not found in this area. With your ongoing and continued support, we will continue to deliver just that. We are continuing to grow and develop our knowledge and skills to properly suit your needs. And as always, we welcome suggestions for future improvements or services.

AC - 2/13/17


At Quantum Performance, we specialize in many different High Performance and Race oriented services.  See the Shop Services section for more information.

Asian Vehicles Serviced:  Nissan/Infiniti, Subaru, Toyota/Lexus/Scion, Mazda, Mitsubishi.

European Vehicles Serviced:  Porsche, BMW, Lotus.

Please email us for services available specifically for your make/model.